Let’s paint a portrait of the portrait artist. Sonia Sieff casts the silhouette of a biker, fearless and free like those women reporters of the 1970s surveying the battlefield, looking like one of Simone de Beauvoir’s dreams made flesh. For this type of woman—women with eyepieces and darkrooms, filmmakers, art photographers—Sonia possesses a high degree of duality. She’s able to switch spontaneously between masculinity at work and femininity in representation. When we watch her evolving behind the lens, we see that femininity isn’t just a mood, a retractable mode like a cat’s claws, receding into the shadows. According to Sonia, women photographers are able to recognize each other—like the homosexuals in Proust’s In Search of Lost Time—but that doesn’t mean they’re going to sleep together. While at work, Sonia’s androgyny is striking, and not because, deep down, she’s more boy than girl. She’s just a photographer. Subjects don’t have a gender.

She wanted to be a writer. If her father passed on to her the taste for an art form, it was for literature. Jeanloup Sieff read a lot: Proust, Cioran, Perec, René Char. In the family library, novels and poetry crowded out the photography books. Sonia says that her father had a literary rapport to all things; for him, the verb preceded the image. “He spoke perfectly,” she says. “I admired him for that.” In 1975, Jeanloup Sieff took a portrait of the writer Romain Gary. A long correspondence ensued between the two. The photographer filled countless little black notebooks. His daughter speaks of him as a closeted writer. She always saw him reading and writing.

Lolita Pille
2018: Les Françaises:
3 March - 15 April, Munich, Allemagne
2017: Les Françaises:
18 May - 15 June : exhibition Atelier Relief à Bruxelles
15 April : exhibition aux Andéols
1er March : International release of the book Les Françaises, Rizzoli publication.
1st of March until 1st of May : Exhibition 'Les Françaises' Paris.

2014: UN NU, de Sonia, Barbara et Jeanloup Sieff, Hôtel de Sauroy, 4 to 21 december.
2013: Les Sieff, Young Gallery, Brussels, 21st of February to the 6th of April.
2012: Salon de la Photo de Paris, 8th to 12th november
2012: Les Sieff, Colette Store, Paris, 27th of September to end of November.
2011: Nudes, Contemporary Art Fair Krampf Gallery, Istanbul, 24-27th November.
2011: Exhibition of De l'Air Magazine, Gallerie Agnès B, Paris.
2008: Mikimoto's 150 anniversary Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya
2002: Une femme Nue exposition Tour Jean Sans Peur, Paris.
1997: L'Arum, une fleur des photographes, Chateau de Blérancourt, France.
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Officiel, Stiletto, Jalouse, Le Monde, Next Libération
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